3 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Stand Out And Make An Impression

January 3, 2015 | Bathroom

art deco bathroom decor

One of the main things to consider when transforming the bath area is the kind of effect that is intended. There are so many ideas to consider when looking to change the appearance of the room that one of the ways to narrow down the search would be to find out which effect will each look create. This will generally give an impression of the kind of personality the home as a whole evokes and therefore must carefully looked into.

When the desired change has to do with bathroom cladding, there is need to select the desired effect from the following options:

Marble effect

Marble is a natural stone that tends to evoke an elegant and classy feel. In looking to create proofing that has this effect, the overall look will mimic the real stone’s appearance. The more polished effect can be achieved by looking for proofing that is more of the sleek shiny marble.

Wood grain effect

Wood is one of the oldest and richest materials in the construction and interior design industry. It tends to give off a very authentic and homely feel, and the same is portrayed using proofing that mimics this material. It is a great alternative to wood in the bath area because wood tends to rot in the presence of water and moisture. It is possible to have the entire real effect on the proofing, including the textured look.

Laminate effect

Consisting mainly of plywood, it is varied to create certain effects in proofing that are similar to the PVC material. The finishing will include various color variations that can offer a range of customizable options to choose. A good example is the use of solid colors like white and adding a chrome or gold color for highlights.

The best material for bathroom cladding is often considered PVC. This is because it is affordable, easy to fit into the bathroom, and has greater insulation properties than its counterparts. It is often felt to be the best alternative to the more costly option of tiling. In some instances, plywood is also preferred but often times for commercial purposes, not residential properties.

One of the best ways to consider while looking for the ideal effect to project for the home’s cloakroom is by searching online. Online sites are well vast with various designs and set ups that give a detailed and well-presented pictorial representation of what to expect when a certain look is considered. They are also a good way to source for the best installation services as well as the best deals in achieving the desired look.

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