Decorating Tips For En-Suite Bathrooms

October 30, 2015 | Bathroom

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When decorating an en suite, first consider the room to which it is attached: will the en suite be used primarily with the door open or the door closed?

Is the door one which allows a sense of the outside room to be seen or not?

If the en suite will be used in such a way as the outside room is visible, even in part, then the colours of the en suite must key into the greater environment to avoid it seeming out of place and also to create a greater sense of space. Using the accent or secondary colour from the main room’s colour scheme is one way to achieve this. Using complementary hues of the main room’s colour(s) is another.

Obviously, using neutral or light colours has long been a favoured way of creating a sense of space in a smaller room. But there are other techniques that are worth considering. Using darker colours sparingly, to create a sense that they are recessed from the main colour, creates a sense of depth to what may otherwise be a flat wall. And, by creating depth, this creates the sense of greater space than there really is.

The pattern and overall lines of the decor are also important. If you are trying to minimise the height of a ceiling, consider bringing vertical blocks of colour into the design, which will make everything appear to be wider and lower. However, if you are faced with an overly low ceiling, consider making the walls one colour or in using narrow vertical stripes or lines leading upwards in order to draw the eye vertically and make the room look taller. In addition, you could also paint the ceiling a lighter colour to make it appear larger and further away.

The flooring should be all of one design, and thought should be given to how it fits in with the overall scheme of the room. Large tiles can make a space appear larger than it truly is. Oddly enough, very small tiles also have the same effect. What you need to avoid is making the floor too busy or using a rigidly geometric effect that seems to make the walls draw in and make the area appear smaller than it is.

Clever choice of storage, mirrors and bathroom suite also helps immeasurably. By using in built in furniture with clean lines and a white or light colour you can create a sense of space and remove the distracting clutter that often makes a room feel cramped. Similarly, a well placed mirror or two will reflect light and the contents of the room, adding a sense of depth and space where one may otherwise not exist. Finally, a white bathroom suite, perhaps featuring space saving components such as an in-wall cistern on the toilet, shower bath or even a smaller bath, will help your space appear larger and brighter.

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