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February 7, 2015 | Bathroom

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In this article I will talk about the full bathroom features, what is standard for a full bathroom and what is not standard.

Standards change from country to country so it is difficult to say what a full bathroom would include. In most countries a full bathroom has a basin, toilet, large bath, and a shower.

The shower can be separate from the bath or can be part of the bath. The standard in some countries is to have the shower inside the bath, whilst in other countries the preference is to have a separate shower.

Both standards have advantages and disadvantages. If the shower is included in the bath, it can save space. Whilst if it is separate allows a person to shower whilst the other one baths.

With regards to the basin, he standard is to have one basin, but modern bathrooms tend to have two basins at least in the en suite bathroom. The double basin can save time. Two people can get ready at the same time, whilst one shaves the other one can put makeup on. This depends on the space available and on how upmarket the house is.

The standard for faucets for the basin is having a basin with a mixer. When mixers did not exist you had to fill up the basin to have warm water. With mixers you can just open the taps and regulate the water temperature. Moreover the faucet system has become more sophisticated. Having said that, I am still amazed that in some countries builders are still installing faucets without a mixer to save costs,

Let’s move onto toilet. In some countries, the older houses have a separate toilet. The toilet itself is in a separate room than the basin, bath and shower. This was probably because the house had only one bathroom, and a person could use the toilet whilst another person was bathing or shaving. Modern bathrooms now tend to include everything in one room, although in some luxurious houses, the toilet can be separated from the bathroom.

As I mentioned above standards change from country to country. In some countries a standard full bathroom includes a bidet. A bidet is useful to wash yourself after you have done your business in the toilet. In some South American and other countries like Thailand, Japan, Greece, Egypt, Italy and India bidets are very common.

Nowadays you also get the electronic bidets, which are very common in Japan and they are called the Japanese toilet. This is a bidet installed in your toilet. This bidet saves you the space of the normal bidet and also can be operated by remote control and can have fancy features like blow drying, and warming your seat. If you are wondering how you use a bidet then it is very easy. Using a bidet is actually cleaner and cheaper than toilet paper.

As you can see the full bathroom features vary from country to country. I personally love the complete bathroom including a bidet and two basins.

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