Installing Your Modern Bathroom Suite

August 23, 2016 | Bathroom

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If you’re planning to fit your new bathroom suite yourself, first take a look at our top tips for installation.

Whether you’ve bought a close coupled toilet, where the cistern is on display, or a back to wall or wall hung toilet, where the cistern is concealed behind a false wall or within a piece of bathroom furniture, it’s wise to minimise the effort of installation by keeping your existing layout and buying a toilet with the correct ‘rough-in’.

If you do decide to move the toilet’s position, ensure you employ someone with plumbing experience to move the soil stack. Don’t forget that this could be costly, so make sure that the new position of your toilet will be better than the old.

The toilet should be positioned in a space wide enough and deep enough to allow ‘user access’: the user’s arms and elbows shouldn’t be cramped in because of proximity to walls or other fixtures, and there should be plenty of leg room in front of the toilet. Modern toilets tend to have a shorter projection than their traditional counterparts, so the depth of space you’ll need to allow overall will have been lessened by opting for a modern bathroom suite.

Whatever style of basin you’ve bought as part of your bathroom suite, make sure you fit your taps before you fix the basin to the wall. The tap holes in your basin will be considerably less accessible once the basin is in place.

If you’ve bought a pedestal basin, use the pedestal itself when you’re measuring up to fix the basin to the wall. This will ensure that the pedestal will slide back into place easily once the basin is fitted. Whatever style of basin you’ve opted for, use a spirit level to ensure you fix it in place level: if it’s even a little lopsided this will be immediately apparent to all who use it, once it’s filled with water!

If you’re thinking of hiring a contractor to do the plumbing work, make sure you first get a range of quotes from potential contractors. You can use these as a basis for making a shortlist, but you shouldn’t be tempted to go for the cheapest quote without first meeting your shortlisted contractors personally, talking through your bathroom installation, and gauging their suitability to work within your home.

Make sure that you can communicate and get on reasonably well with your chosen contractor, and do obtain references, no matter how personable they seem. A good tradesman will not object to providing you with named referees who can comment on the quality of their previous work.

When you’ve found the contractor with whom you feel you can have a reasonable working relationship, whose costs aren’t astronomical and whose previous work seems sound, you should draw up a written contract setting out your expectations. This will benefit both parties, as it guards against mistaken assumptions on both sides and helps to ensure a satisfactory conclusion to your bathroom suite installation.

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