Revamp Your Bathroom Without Breaking The Bank

February 11, 2017 | Bathroom

log cabin bathroom decor

With spring on the way, people are probably keen to redecorate and make their homes brighter in time for the good weather – and hot pink bathroom accessories may be one way of going about it.

Speaking to the Shropshire Star, Louise Barltrop of Dunelm Mill confirmed that this colour and varying shades, as well as florals, will be fashionable over the next few months and combining the two themes “will make a room look ready for spring, no matter what the weather outside”.

Hanging some mirrors could also prove to be a great idea; also looking glasses have many different properties, such as allowing sunlight to bounce around, which is so welcome at this time of year when it’s in such short supply.

People contemplating bathroom renovations and other similar DIY projects in their homes have been advised to ensure bathroom accessories are kept to scale with regards to the living space.

If bathroom accessories are too small, for example, the room will look deficient and cluttered, but by introducing larger design elements, the overall effect will be stronger and anchor the space, giving the room a sense of high style and that wow factor.

Other tips included using black to create drama and elegance, combined with hints of silver, gold and copper, as well as ensuring colours are selected that complement each other and tie furnishings together.

Framing bathroom mirrors can add a dramatic change to this part of the house, transforming these items into a piece of art.

Polished nickel fixtures, knobs and hooks, which offer a slightly warmer tone than chrome and a more traditional look than brushed nickel, add extra sparkle to the space.

People are also able to brighten up their setting with bathroom tiles, which used both on the floor and across the walls create a stunning contrast.

Bathroom accessories can serve to liven up a powder room – adding new soap holders, a tub plug and a waterproof note pad can be particularly fun.

Industry experts note there are many items that can be used to spruce up living quarters; large graphic artworks could be one way to add interest to a residence.

A variety of mirrors and interesting statuary, candles or artefacts can match a theme or be coordinated as accents. Rugs could be just what the doctor ordered to help keep bare feet warm underfoot, while Roman-style or wooden Venetian blinds can add a classy look to an enclosed area.

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