Sizes Of Bathroom Vanities – Finding One For Your Space

March 13, 2017 | Bathroom

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Bathroom vanities come in various styles, sizes, and shapes. In many cases, a certain style or size limits what can be put inside your own bathroom. With contemporary and traditional styles available, most go for one look or the other. Traditional bathroom vanities have a wood body with a stone countertop and porcelain basin, while contemporary designs are compact and made of glass and metal. But, regardless of which style fits your décor better, size is another important factor when adding a bathroom vanity, particularly in place of a sink. As vanities have more storage space than a sink basin, many add them to a bathroom as a place for toiletries, linens, towels, and hair tools.

On the smaller side, bathroom vanities start around 24 inches to 36 inches for the width of the countertop. If you have a small bathroom, particularly one in an apartment or row home, this size for a vanity is appropriate for the space. Although wider than a traditional sink, such bathroom vanities have some counter space, although their significant advantage is the storage beneath the sink. On the other hand, while a traditional bathroom vanity may occupy a corner of a small bathroom, a contemporary vanity with separate cabinets and a sink can be arranged in the same space to your liking.

Single-sink bathroom vanities are also made in larger sizes. In fact, many manufacturers make them up to 60 inches wide. Such sizes are often useful for a commercial purpose, either in a bathroom or for use in a salon. The counter space, in particular, is an advantage with this design, as well as the ample storage compartments below. Larger sizes, however, are more common with double sink vanities. These bathroom vanities have two sinks in about 60 to 72 inches of counter space. For large families needing to get more use out of a bathroom, a vanity not only gives you storage space but the ability to have two people use the bathroom sinks at once.

Considering the various sizes for bathroom vanities, one is sure to meet your storage needs. Before choosing one, measure the available space in your bathroom to determine how wide the fixture can be.

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