Step To Installing The Right Steam Showers In Your Bathroom

April 17, 2017 | Bathroom

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Steam showers and walk-in showers have become extremely popular among homeowners today. This popularity can be attributed to their ability to provide the user with a wonderful showering experience. Some medical experts also claim that steam showers provide the users with a number of health benefits. This has prompted many people to seek for ways in which they can install these types of showers in their houses. Installing such units in the house is not such a simple matter especially if you do not have the necessary resources. That is why you need to research widely on the best installation techniques. This passage seeks to provide you with information on how you can install these types of showers in your house without having trouble.

How to Install Steam Showers In Your House?

For starters, you can decide to either convert the existing shower or install a new steam bath. The good thing with installing a new steam bath is that it is quite easy. You only need to do the appropriate electrical connections and plumbing. Most of the latest steam showers on the market are self-contained and they therefore do not require a lot of expertise to install. Converting your existing bathtub is quite demanding considering that you will have to install a steam door as well as connect the shower to the steam generator.

It is also worthwhile to note that any room that has a steam shower must be thoroughly prepared to avoid serious structural damages that might be caused by the highly penetrating steam. Steam contains moisture that can cause serious damages to your building if it is left to penetrate into the structure. You should therefore make sure that your bathroom is protected using the right steam proof materials before you install your steam bath. The following are important steps that you ought to take when installing such showers in your house:

  • Steam Prevention: Steam baths are supposed to be properly sealed so as to prevent steam from escaping. You therefore have to ensure that the type of bathroom door that you install is properly fitted so that it does not allow steam to escape. There are various types of steam bathroom doors on the market that you can choose for your bathroom. You also have to make sure that the condensed water does not drip on the bather. You therefore have to install a mechanism that will help you to collect this water once it is condensed. To accomplish this, your steam bathroom must be properly insulated.
  • Ceiling installation: Whenever you are installing the ceiling in a steam shower bathroom, you have to make sure that it is sloppy. This helps in preventing the condensed water from dripping on the bather.
  • Drainage: Install proper drainage system in your bathroom so that the condensed water does not get stuck on the floor. Check all the connectors and the steam generator to ensure that they are working properly.

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