Things To Consider When Choosing Bathroom Accessories

June 18, 2017 | Bathroom

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There are some things to consider when looking for bathroom accessories. The style of your bathroom, its design and patterns are just some of the things that you have to take into account. If you are in the process of designing a guest’s bathroom, some of the accessories, which you can add are fancy towels, mirror, toilet seat, sink skirt, soap dish, shower curtain and some decorative toiletries.

For a master bathroom, towel display, nice rugs, monogram towels, decorative soap dish, bath oils and potpourri are just some of the accessories that you can incorporate. You also have to decide on the motif of your bathroom for a more conducive ambiance.

Some of the theme ideas which you may adopt are contemporary style, traditional, Victorian, and many more. If you opt for a country style theme, some nice add-on to your bath are picket fence accessories, baskets, and rod-pocket shower curtains with tiebacks that are braided.

If you prefer a wood look of your bathroom, accessories like birdhouses and birch baskets are some nice suggestions. You can create a little garden in the basket. For a more dramatic look, you may add some live plants and vines.

Match it with nice shower curtains, toilet seat, rugs, and other accessories. If you want a fishery motif of your bath, you can add a toilet seat with fish designs, curtains to match, and sink skirt. Nature-based tiles and walls will be a great match for this style.

If you have chosen the style that you want to adopt in your bathroom, your next step is to decide on the colors and patterns of the accessories that you will incorporate.

Your bathroom accessories should coordinate with the fixtures, floor tiles and wall colors. If you have existing fixtures made of porcelain, match them with off-white or antique white patterns of accessories.

Dark shades or bright colors of accessories will also match your porcelain tubs, sink or toilet. To get some ideas on which colors and patterns match your bath, you can visit Home Depots where you can see samples of patterns and colors for bathrooms. The samples will give you idea on which will best fit your room.

For storage, you may want to try adding some wicker baskets where you can put in your toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners, and the like to make your space look more organized. You can also choose some nice shelves that compliment your room style for additional storage.

Most of the bathroom accessories are affordable and can easily be found in local stores. You may also go online for a wider range of choices. Shopping online will help you save much time and effort as you can place your order while at the comfort of your own home and wait for its delivery. Some sites also offer discounts and great deals on their products.

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