Bedroom Furniture – Giving A New Look To Existing Furniture

January 17, 2015 | Bedroom

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The following article talks about how one can change the look of their bedroom without a complete overhauling with just a few tweaks to their bedroom furniture here and there.

It is a natural human phenomenon to bring about changes every now and then to your surroundings. Your home and bedroom in particular may also be the subject of such changes. If you wish to redecorate your bedroom but can’t really afford to spend much, then you can create magic by giving a new twist to your existing bedroom furniture.

To make your bedroom a favorable place to relax, you can bring about improvements to it by changing the way it looks. There are a number of inexpensive ways to do so without changing your existing bedroom furniture. One way is to change the paint in your room. The color of paint on the wall or the wallpaper on display could go a long way in describing your mood and frame of mind. Although repainting or changing the wall paper could be time consuming and seem like a lot of work, once it’s done by choosing appropriate colors, you would definitely feel a sense of satisfaction. You can go in for colors that match the rest of the accessories in the room.

By retaining the existing bedroom furniture, you could still give your bedroom a brand new look by changing the bed sheets, bed covers, curtains and drapes. Pick up some new sheets or curtains which has some clean lines on it or geometric designs. This could give a totally radical or contemporary look to the room. If the room is spacious with good ventilation, bold color sheets and curtains could also make the room brighter than before. Changing cushion covers could do also do the trick. Change the way your couch or sofa looks by replacing its cushion covers. New covers can bring a fresh look to the room.

Cushion covers could be chosen from a wide range of fabrics from silk to viscose to jute to rayon to velvet and others many others. The latest trend is to give your sheets and covers an Indian touch. Simply repositioning the existing bedroom furniture can bring in a completely new atmosphere and give the feel of a totally different room. But this needs to be planned depending on the space available. Also adding a new painting or two on the wall can alter the appearance of your bedroom.

Revamping your bedroom doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. By working around the existing bedroom furniture, you can do wonders to the ambiance.

If you have wooden bedroom furniture, you could try darkening the color of the wood by staining it or painting it again. You could add fresh furnishings and add accessories also like mirrors or other decorative knickknacks.

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