Bedroom Furniture That Works Well For Spacious Bedrooms

April 21, 2015 | Bedroom

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Large, spacious bedrooms are a luxury today. You can enjoy the freedom of playing with bedroom furniture ideas to create a plush environment, full of character. Just be careful to tread a balance between a bare appearance and a cluttered one.

You can opt for the grandeur of period furniture, if that’s your style, with a spacious four-poster or canopy bed, or a low-slung contemporary style platform bed with an inviting duvet-covered mattress placed in the center and gleaming polished wood bordering it. Matching bed-side tables would compliment it and add length. Wrought-iron beds with ornate bed heads also lend themselves to larger bedrooms better than smaller ones. The bed, being the focal point of your bedroom, could be pulled forward, away from the wall so that it dominates the space. An attractive chest at the foot of the bed will lend additional length and character. You have all the options in terms of color and material at your disposal, although darker woods such as teak, cherry, and walnut would add depth and warmth to the overall decor. You have the liberty to mix and match bedroom furniture and experiment with textured furnishings for the drapes, scatter cushions on the bed and carpets or rugs. Keep it elegant, though. While space allows for decorative items such as ceramic jars or colored glass vases on the floor, keep to a few, choice pieces rather than clusters.

Large bedrooms are usually well-lit with natural light. You could maximize the effect with French windows, more so if you have a view to overlook. Floor length, pleated drapes will lend further elegance. Enhance artificial lighting with strategically placed table lamps or standard lamps with attractive lampshades perhaps in stained glass to provide ‘mood’. Your walls could accommodate a variety of paint options, although going with neutral shades on three of the four walls adds elegance. The fourth wall could have textured paint or be wall-papered in rich tones. An occasional table in smoked glass would set off that backdrop nicely. Glass plays a subtle role in bedroom furniture for larger rooms. A chic triple-mirrored dressing table with a glass top would be an indulgence your large bedroom could afford you.

Wooden flooring in a large bedroom has a distinctive appeal, creating a cozy, intimate ambiance. This could be augmented with tasteful carpets or scatter rugs placed at angles to the bedroom furniture. Bonsais potted in interesting pottery or large-leafed, tall foliage would bring green into your interiors. You can divide your bedroom with a strategically placed bureau or carved screen to provide you a lounge space with a TV on the wall and magazine racks on the floor beside the armchair or couch, complementing your other bedroom furniture. You can even consider adding a writing table and a spindly legged chair. This area provides a companionable feel while not being a disturbance to your partner who may want to catch up on sleep. You also have the advantage of opting for a large wardrobe with ample storage space. Large paneled wood or mirrored doors running from the ceiling to the floor add style to large bedrooms.

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