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October 11, 2015 | Bedroom

master bedroom bedding

It is not always possible of course but after a hard days commuting and work once I arrive home there is nothing more relaxing than going into the bedroom, changing out of my work clothes and just enjoying the comfort afforded by the room. Let’s face it if this room isn’t relaxing and calming then what chance has the rest of the house got. From the colour of the walls to the actual bedding, flooring and furniture this room needs to be the best place to unwind in.

Taking into consideration we spend a third of our life in bed then this is by far the most important part of the bedroom. There can be no excuse for not finding a decent bed to suit you whatever shape or size you are after. Look at the papers any day of the week, sit and watch the adverts on TV, wherever you look there are companies trying to convince you that their beds are the most comfortable and the price is the lowest you will ever find etc etc.

It should not take up the bulk of the floor space and you should have ample room to manoeuvre around plus leaving enough space for other pieces of furniture. A bedroom should also be free of clutter and to enable this the presence of a few shelves is paramount. You can display items like photographs on them or simply utilise them for stacking all those sweaters and clothing that can be folded rather than hung in the wardrobe. The shelves can be painted if required and must be wide and deep enough to be worthwhile yet not too big to look overbearing if the room itself is on the small side.

The wardrobe is the second largest item in the bedroom and can be single, double or even triple if space allows. Some wardrobes are available with shelving and drawers inside. This is useful for the capture of personal items rather than have them dotted all around the room. Once again unless space is at a premium try and find room for a bedside cabinet complete with a bedside light.

Now to the flooring. No one wants a cold floor in any room least of all the bedroom. It has always been a gripe of mine however that close cover wall to wall carpeting, although warm and cosy, is really a waste of money when you consider most of it is covered up by the furniture. The bed alone sits over several square yards of unused carpeting which at today’s prices is simply not a viable option. Instead why not invest in some thick, rich rugs. Not only do they look decorative but they give the bedroom a warm homely feel about it.

Relax and enjoy the bedroom and its furniture. You deserve it.

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