Decorating Your Bedroom In A Tropical Theme

January 2, 2016 | Bedroom

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Thinking about redecorating your bedroom but don’t know where to start? A popular choice is to decorate in a tropical theme. You will feel like you are on vacation every day when you start it in a relaxing, tropical atmosphere.

The first place to start is with wall color. Choose a color along the lines of sea foam green or a turquoise blue. These colors are very relaxing and they represent coastal colors. Use can use accents of white and yellow in window treatments. A great choice for furniture color in a tropical themed room is white. The room will feel bright and airy.

There are many choices in tropical bedding. You can choose a solid color and then accent with tropical patterned pillows or you can choose a tropical pattern in the bedding itself. I suggest you look around to find a bedding set you like and then go from there. You can choose to either find the bedding first or paint the walls first and match the bedding to the wall color.

Decorate the walls with framed prints with a tropical flair. You can get palm tree prints fairly reasonable on line. You can also choose a beach or ocean landscape. Match your frames to the color of your furniture for a finished look.

Some of the options to accessorize your room would be to pick up a few tropical frames and put framed pictures around the room. You can also buy some candles for atmosphere. I’ve seen candles in a tricolor of blue green and white which would look really nice. There are even tropical themed candle holders. Depending on how much you want to decorate you can buy palm tree lamps and other accessories. Another suggest is to use a few plants with large leafs that look tropical. You can usually go to a craft store and find some artificial plants that would fit right into the theme.

Decorating your bedroom in a tropical theme is very easy to accomplish. You can get most accessories pretty reasonable. Try looking online for the best prices in tropical decorating. Enjoy your new bedroom.

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