Looking After Bamboo Bedroom Furniture

January 16, 2017 | Bedroom

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Bamboo bedroom furniture is a very good option when you do not want to go for heavy wooden furniture. Not only this, bamboo furniture is lighter. But buying such furniture does not end your duty; you should also know how to look after them or properly maintain them.

Following are some ways of caring for your bamboo bedroom furniture:

  1. Make sure to dust the bamboo furniture on a regular basis.
  2. After dusting, fill warm water in a bucket.
  3. Add little dishwashing soap and swirl the water. Be careful of the soap you will use; harsh soap will either bleach the bamboo or discolor it.
  4. Now, soak a piece of clean cloth or rag in the water.
  5. Wash the furniture with the cloth.
  6. Then, rinse the furniture with another but wet cloth.
  7. Allow the furniture to be air dried; either put on the fan or make sure the bedroom is airy enough when you open out the window(s).
  8. When the furniture is well dried, apply furniture oil with the help of cotton wool. This will help the bamboo to be flexible and shiny.

Similarly, bamboo towels are very much the need of the generation. Following are the reasons why you should buy them and not buy cotton towels:

  1. They are very eco-friendly – bamboo is a renewable resource.
  2. They are quite absorbent – they work like a normal cotton towel.
  3. They are totally anti-bacterial – they are more hygienic than the normal cotton towels.
  4. They are very gentle – they do not cause any allergy on the skin. People with sensitive skin should go for bamboo towels.
  5. They are anti-static – they are comfortable and convenient to use.
  6. They are quite flexible – bamboo fiber can also be used in clothing and bedding.

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