Bamboo Blinds For A Modern Kitchen

January 3, 2015 | Kitchen

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Whenever we see blinds on a window we always think modern. Because blinds are sleek and stylish they can modernize any room. This is why you shouldn’t get blinds if you like the old look. Don’t even think about blinds for your kitchen if you have an Old World Style kitchen. Blinds can look great if they are used with many other different themes including modern style.

A modern kitchen means new. If your kitchen is modern that means you have modern appliances and modern style kitchen cabinets. Blinds would fit perfectly in a kitchen like this. Color would not be an issue because blinds come in a variety of colors. If your window is located right above your sink your window would be getting dirty very often. This happens when you are washing dishes, drops of water splashes on the window and dries up leaving the window looking very dirty.

Hanging bamboo blinds on this window is perfect to keep the window protected while working like a curtain to give privacy. It would be advisable to get bamboo, vinyl or plastic blinds for any place in the kitchen because they are easiest to wipe clean.

Stains and food somehow always find their way in the oddest places of your kitchen. It can be very annoying to find ketchup stains on your beautiful kitchen curtains. This is especially true when you have children. Children don’t really worry or think about how hard it is to keep a kitchen clean. They will touch the walls and the curtains with their little hands even if they are greasy and dirty. After they have eaten you can simply go over everything including the blinds with a damp cloth.

Blinds in the kitchen can be easily dusted and washed. A stain would be obvious from the first day which is when it is the easiest to wipe. Another great reason why you might want to consider cleanable blinds in your modern kitchen is that they are water proof. As humid as the kitchen can get or as much water as you use to clean them they will immediately dry up right where they are.

If you are not too concerned about getting them dirty then you can get blinds for your kitchen that are made from wood. Wooden blinds can look great in a modern kitchen and also look great in a country style kitchen. For your modern kitchen you have a huge selection of blinds choices.

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