How To Decide Whether To Renovate Your Kitchen

September 26, 2015 | Kitchen

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Your kitchen will almost certainly be the heart of your home, the busiest room in the house, where there is constant activity throughout the day. If the time has come when the surroundings in this important area no longer make it a pleasant place to be then you are probably thinking about a new kitchen or a kitchen renovation.

What questions should you ask yourself before you undertake this project?

After all is it unlikely it will be accomplished without some disruption so it should be well thought out before you begin. As well as making this important space in your home somewhere that you are happy to spend time in a successful kitchen renovation should provide you with more effective cooking and storage place. A professional kitchen remodel should instantly increase the value of your home and make you the envy of your friends and neighbours!

So what should you be thinking of?

What am I hoping to achieve?

Think about the daily use of your kitchen. What are the problem areas? Do you struggle to find enough workspace? Is everything overcrowded or too far apart? What about the state of your cupboards? Are they full to overflowing? Are the doors and handles the worse for wear?

Try and prioritise into what is essential and what would be nice. For example, cracked, damaged work surfaces need replacing with new counters and therefore this would be the time to investigate the different materials available. However a nice new fridge may look great but if your old one still works be honest about how high up your list of priorities this should be.

Priorities should start with those must haves to increase the effectiveness and user friendliness of your kitchen and will almost certainly include, new work surfaces, either new cabinets or new cupboard doors and fittings, new kitchen sink and maybe a repositioning of main items that will need your electrics and plumbing looking at as well.

Will it be worth the upheaval?

There is no getting away from the fact that you will experience disruption in your kitchen and home as a whole. How much can you cope with? How will you manage it? Will you need advice to plan the project to ensure you keep your sanity?

What is my budget?

What can you realistically afford? Will this have to be a more cosmetic renovation or a full scale renovation / kitchen replacement? How will you budget? Is finance necessary for the project and if so how realistic will it be to secure it? Remember that you should be looking to improve the value of your home so whilst you do need to budget and fully cost the project you should think very hard before cutting corners that could ultimately undermine the total value of works.

When you have worked through these questions the last and most important question remains.

Where will I find the right people to help me?

Research is the answer. Take your time and ask questions. Does the kitchen supplier have expertise and experience with all types of installations and dwellings. How about sub contractors – will they find and manage these for you. Finance? What options can they give you? Credibility? Can you see examples of work, customer testimonials – do they have a showroom? How about budget? Can you have a quote? How detailed will it be? What about your deposit – will it be safe?

Look for a company that is happy to engage in dialogue with you and answer any questions you think of!

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