Deciding And Designing When Restyling Your Kitchen

April 7, 2015 | Kitchen

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If you’ve ever had any design experience then I’m sure that you’ll already know that when it comes to designing a room in the house, especially the kitchen does not just entail choosing out the pieces of furniture and appliances, accessories etc that you happen to like the most.

A famous buddhist once said that if you try to focus on just one leaf on the tree then that’s all you will be able to see – you’ll lose sight of everything else but if you focus on the tree as a whole you’ll be able to see every leaf at once and take in the tree’s beauty as a whole. I’m aware that this may sound a bit left-wing but it’s actually very important, if you focus on just one aspect of the kitchen and pay all of your attention to that you’ll never see the big picture and the rest of the kitchen will just become lost to this one area of the kitchen but if you take the whole kitchen into account however you’ll be able to enjoy the kitchen as a whole.

If you start worrying about this tile or that or this appliance or that it will soon become quite overwhelming because there is a lot to think about and you’ll quickly find yourself pulling your hair out if something you happen to have your eye on won’t fit the image you’ve got in mind for your kitchen. If you stop looking at all of the parts of the kitchen individually then you’ll be able to see bits that work and bits that wont because you’re not so overly wrapped up in what might or might not work.

I cannot stress enough that you need to research, research and research what it is that you will be doing, try to find reviews online for any particular items that you may be buying or try to get over to some kitchen showrooms and look at the displays that they have. Going to home expos are always a liberating experience and can free up a lot of creativity for you as well as giving you a lot of valuable information about what is available on the market.

So start thinking about the colours overall, the appliances and units, accessories and so on and you’ll soon find the whole lot a great deal easier to deal with but you’ll find bits that you’d normally have missed but will work wonders for your kitchens.

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