Kitchen Backsplash Ideas To Transform A Boring Kitchen Into A Lively One!

March 29, 2016 | Kitchen

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If you want to create exciting dishes in your kitchen, it is important to keep your kitchen decor warm and inviting and one of the ways of doing this is by implementing kitchen backsplash ideas. A lot of people have dirty kitchens with utensils lying all over the place in disarray and then they complain that their family is not eating at home. If you cook good food at home that your family enjoys to eat, they will always prefer eating in rather than dining out.

So what can you do to introduce some excitement in your kitchen? One of the simplest, most cost effective and practical ways of upgrading the look of your kitchen is by installing a kitchen backsplash. Not only does it help in improving the look of your kitchen, it also helps in protecting your walls from accidental food spills, thus preventing permanent stains which can get quite difficult to remove once they set in.

With a new kitchen backsplash, any old dingy kitchen will be completely transformed into a welcoming space of fine cooking. The best part is that there are many ideas and items which you can use ranging from tiles, granite, stamped metal, specially engineered stones or a simple wall paper.

Choosing a color scheme

To come up with new ideas for a kitchen backsplash, they best source is your imagination. Try and decide a theme which goes with the overall colour scheme of your kitchen. If you have yellow coloured cupboards, then a black coloured backsplash crafted out of shiny ceramic tiles will look good. However, if you have a small kitchen, then we would suggest that you go for a white colour scheme as it creates a sense of more space and room.


After you have got a basic idea of what colour you want to go for, the next step is to decide which material to choose. Some of the popular materials include ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, glass, metal, laminates, wood, and textured wallpapers. If your kitchen cabinets are made of wood, adding a backsplash made of some or stone can bring some variety. Some homeowners get extra creative and simply paint it with blackboard paint. The backsplash then slowly becomes filled with chalk scribbles of recipes and doodles! Or you can go a step ahead and hang your utensils and basic crockery on wall mounted pegs if you have less space.

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