Do You Know Your Kitchen Cabinet Style Choices?

June 19, 2015 | Kitchen

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Many homeowners are surprised to discover so many kitchen cabinet styles when they visit a home improvement store or a cabinet shop. The great variety and the number of available cabinet options can be overwhelming. This variety, however, also ensures that every homeowner can find styles to meet his or her personal taste.

We define kitchen cabinet styles by several components. The first is the wood used in construction. Homeowners choose the wood for their cabinets based on color and grain, primarily. Some styles are also painted. The options include:

  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • White
  • Espresso (black)

Most wood can be finished either natural or glazed. White cabinets can also be painted and glazed in an antique finish. The grain of the wood differs from one to the next. Oak, for example, has a very prominent grain. Cherry and walnut are recognized by both grain and color of the wood. The wood used for most cabinets built in the U.S. is maple.

The most visible part of a cabinet is the door. However, the side of the “box” is visible on the end of a group of cabinets. Doors are made either with raised panels or with recessed panels. Some contemporary style cabinets are made of flat door surfaces. The difference between these cabinet styles is whether the center of the door is raised above the level of the frame or is recessed below the frame.

The next consideration in choosing kitchen cabinet styles is to choose the wood, the finish and the door type that is the best fit for the architecture and decor of the home. For example, a Southern colonial with traditional decor is the perfect match for the antique glazed white finish with raised panel doors. A mountain cabin would be ideal for oak or walnut with recessed panel doors.

Most new homes built today are a “traditional” style of architecture, modeled on the two-story Georgian home or the ranch style one-level home popularized in the early subdivisions of the 1950s. These homes are well suited for oak, maple, walnut and cherry cabinetry. Either of the door styles is appropriate.

White and black are a good choice in most homes. The styling of the doors and the choices in handles and knobs can make them blend well with almost any style home and any decor. In fact, many homeowners install all cabinets without handles and knobs.

There are two ways of thinking about handles and knobs (pulls). On the one hand, the handles and knobs protect the wood of the cabinets. Wet or dirty hands do not stain or damage the wood. On the other hand, some believe the knobs and handles detract from the beauty of the wood and serve no important function. Handles and knobs are available in a range of materials and styles to fit any taste.

Whatever your opinion about handles and pulls, kitchen cabinetry has become a work of art. Kitchen cabinet styles are available to suit any personal taste, any architectural style of the house and any interior decor. White and black contrast beautifully with stainless steel or colored kitchen appliances.

There is something very warm and beautiful about natural wood in any home. The choices available in the various wood colors and grains, makes it possible for everyone to find what they like among the many kitchen cabinet styles.

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