Open Floor Plans For A Kitchen Design

January 16, 2017 | Kitchen

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It is necessary to have an open floor plan for your kitchen because the kitchen is not just a place for cooking or dining, but also a meeting place for the family and even friends. Keeping all of this in mind you need to prepare a floor plan which gives you enough amount of space to work around easily.

To prepare the perfect kitchen, an effective open floor plan is inevitable. Depending on how you plan to use your kitchen, a layout plan needs to be prepared. You can always seek assistance of various custom designs from various resources available.

But the most important aspect of any open floor plan is the purpose of that area. What are your cooking styles and also the requirements of the cook needs to be taken into consideration. A kitchen floor plan that gives a family an opportunity to spend some valuable time together while having meals is considered efficacious.

Making the kitchen fit in and around the available spaces is a task in itself. A robust open floor plan should be made so that the kitchen doesn’t look very monotonous. There should be a good connection between the cooking area, the sink and the refrigerator. And this can be done by allotting maximum work area for the countertop nearing the former mentioned three areas.

A proper plan for storage requirements like cabinets, shelves and drawers need to be made on a professional basis. And here is where interior designers can be of great help. However, for those who cannot afford this option, there are innumerable design software available to draw up plans for your kitchen floors.

While seeking guidance from experts one often comes across this term used for open floor plans as “work triangle” which is the usual path of yours when you move around your kitchen’s cooking area, the sink and the refrigerator. The most well-known of such kitchen triangles are the L-shape, U-shape, G-shape, the single-wall and the gallery plan.

  • L-shape: One of the most common open floor plans, it takes up less space but is very flexible. It is useful when there is an adjoining area of space next to the kitchen.
  • U-shape: By placing all three work areas each on a different wall, the U-shape open floor plan provides a big storage area.
  • G-shape: Although it is very similar to the U-shaped kitchen layout, the only difference is the addition of the fourth half-wall that can be used for extra cabinets.
  • Single-wall or Straight kitchen: Built for smaller homes, this open floor plan works like a line by placing all three kitchen zones along one wall.
  • Gallery or Corridor kitchen: In this kind of plan, the work stations face each other on opposite walls thereby creating the kitchen triangle.

It doesn’t matter which one of these plans you choose for your kitchen, you need to however think about the use of your kitchen and what exactly you want to do in your kitchen. You need to also determine your available budget. Only then can you create a perfect open floor plan that works best for you.

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