Where Do I Recommend You Buy Kitchens From?

September 7, 2017 | Kitchen

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Have you had the task of looking for a new kitchen of late? I should think you were a bit shocked if you have. The bigger kitchen companies use stealth advertising and it is very easy to fall for and I am certain we all have at some time. We will split the kitchens companies into a couple of categories for this guide.

The conventional type of kitchen company.

You might have gone by their factory for ages without ever walking in or you might have even gone to school with the owners children. If you look at the names of the staff you might find that they have the same family name. They might be the son and father or father and daughter. The kitchens from these companies are normally you get what you see and it will be a really good piece of workmanship without all the sales catches of the larger companies. These types of kitchen companies generally do not spend too much money on advertising.

The big name brand of kitchen firms.

These firms are the kitchen firms that are household makes such as Homebase and B and Q. They buy poor quality kitchens at really low prices. These companies then mass sell these to unsuspecting clients. All the parts are sourced on the cheap but we are told they are the best on the market. All that money that is spent on advertising is simply a con to get you to believe the hype. It is the worst industry I know of appears to be kitchens. Most firms have a sale at Xmas. Not the kitchen industry. They appear to have a sale on for eleven months a year.

I would always rather deal with a firm that has been around for a long time. With kitchens you will in all likelihood get a few snags at the completion of the job and if the company has been around for a while they will still be there for you to sort them out. They usually employ their own installers. This means that one of them can drop in at the end of a job to fit you in without it being a problem. The modern type of kitchen company could not offer this type of service as once the 12 month warranty is up that is it as far as their after sales is concerned.

Summary of article:

  • Shop around
  • Don’t sign up to the first firm you have gone to
  • Don’t be fooled by false advertising

I hope you make the correct choice for yourself and keep the smaller companies in business as they are the future of the kitchen industry.

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