How To Replace A Kitchen Countertop

January 17, 2016 | Kitchen

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Households use their kitchen countertops perhaps more than any other feature of the kitchen for a variety of uses, including storing kitchen appliances, preparing food, or holding ingredients and other tools while cooking. Having a kitchen countertop that’s unappealing to work on, or difficult to use, can make it less likely that you’ll want to cook, or even be in the kitchen. Replacing your kitchen countertops can change how you see your kitchen again, and make it a brighter and more lively place to gather. Selecting the right kitchen countertop from the many different materials and styles available, so talk with a kitchen remodeling expert to help you get started in the right direction.

Even if your countertops aren’t damaged it still might be a good idea to replace them, especially if you discover you’re ordering take out more often than you cook because you don’t want the hassle of being in your kitchen. Taking a fresh look at new kitchen countertops can make you want to be in your kitchen, and can even make cooking easier. The right kitchen countertops for your specific needs can make a significant difference in your life. Talking with a professional kitchen remodeling designer is a great place to get advice and expert tips on which countertop you should choose.

If you’re the type of chef who prepares food directly on the surface of your counter, dealing with grout can pose a huge issue, while dealing with warped sealants after putting a hot pot on a countertop can be a huge hinder to home cooking. It’s just as important to select kitchen countertops that look great and match the style in your home as it is to select countertops that are durable so spending time in your kitchen is more appealing.

Most homeowners automatically think of granite countertops when considering an upgrade from their current countertop material because it’s the top idea of luxury and style. Granite is incredibly strong, elegantly beautiful and goes with any kitchen theme or style. Granite is seamless, so there’s no grout cleaning involved and when it’s professionally sealed will be non porous. The value of your kitchen remodel will certainly increase with the addition of granite, making it an excellent investment.

Marble is another luxury countertop that’s certain to add value to your kitchen remodel, and it’s a popular option among homeowners who prefer natural stone. The only issue with marble is the sealer, which at once protects the stone from scratches and stains but is also prone to damage itself, sometimes requiring resealing. On the other end of the scale, corian is increasingly popular as a synthetic surface, unlike natural stone granite and marble. However, corian is completely non porous (making it resistant to mold, stains and bacteria) and comes in an incredible range of colors and styles to suit any personal taste.

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