Retro Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Home

February 2, 2017 | Kitchen

vintage kitchen decor

Think of a retro kitchen and an American style 50s diner springs to mind. We are all familiar with the look as it was so heavily featured in iconic TV favourites like Happy Days and Grease. This quirky and fun look is popular in kitchens and it is easy to create with a few simple tips and ideas.

Colour scheme

Bold and bright colours like yellow, red, white and blue were popular in this era. Replicate this by choosing a red retro fridge or by painting your cupboards. Coloured appliances will also give that extra retro vibe to your kitchen as will chrome toasters, microwaves or kettles. Try to choose the same colour for all of your appliances to give some consistency in the feel of the room.

Steer clear of gold or bronzed coloured fixtures like taps or light switches; the trend was chrome or silver.

Retro Accessories and necessities

Even though you want your kitchen to look as retro as possible, it still needs to function. It is simple to combine function and form with the availability of so many different retailers offering 50s appliances like blenders, dishwashers and ovens. The larger than life feel to these objects in your kitchen will give it the edge you need.

Display cabinets were commonplace in the 50s kitchen. If you choose to have one in yours try to avoid overloading it with unnecessary ornaments. Keep it stylish by adding a few retro-inspired knick knacks, for example, a set of original baking scales. If you do not have space in your kitchen for a free standing cabinet then you could attach it to the wall.

When considering where you will dine in your kitchen, if you want to keep faithful to retro then you should opt for a breakfast bar and stools. A good quality tradesman should be able to make one of these for you on a bespoke basis, or you may find a kitchen design company will be able to oblige if provided with a good

specification. This looks very 50s and is also very practical with a good use of space. Your breakfast bar can double up as storage underneath for pots, pans or food. Red leather topped stools with chrome legs are the most popular kind of retro stool and can be found in many kitchen retailers.


Flooring in your kitchen dining will need to be black and white chequered to fit in with the image you want to create. It is easy to source this type of flooring as it is so popular. Prices will vary depending on the outlet and the quality you choose. Ensure that you do not have pattern overload in your kitchen as this will look disorganised and untidy. The chequered floor is meant as a background for plain yet unique appliances, cupboards and kitchen accessories.

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