Furniture Colors To Match Your White-Walled Living Room

March 3, 2015 | Living Room

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A room that is all-white though may achieve the atmosphere of cleanliness but it may also project the ambiance of a sterile room in which a number of individuals associate it with clinics or hospitals. Select other color than white to attain distinction in your living room. Furniture with colors other than white will stand out in opposition to a white background.

A living room with white walls can be a picture of style and elegance. However, proper usage of colors and textures must be followed to achieve the desired appearance and not to get the contrary. For example, you can still use white sofas on a white setting provided you also use pillow cases with a different texture.  Adding a light brown wooden coffee table on the other hand can achieve a gentler contrast.  Ornaments and other accessories of different colors can also be used to draw people’s attention away from the white wall.

Dramatic Black and Red Setup

A white background can be utilized to the fullest with the addition of red and black into the whole picture.  The striking contrast between these colors can effectively create a contemporary setting.  Select furniture that are with black frames with red cushions and apply this color format to the rest of your living room furnishings.  This can generate a lively environment when done correctly.

Conventional Black and White Setting

The combination of white and black is popular among people who want to achieve the look of classic but modern style environment.  Needless to say that this traditional color combination never dies and will still be used on living rooms no matter what the current trend is.  Popular furniture combination include sofas wrapped in black leather, black-framed tables with glass top, black lamps, and white or black floor covering.  Textured accessories and ornaments can be added to attain a more impressive setting.

A white wall is just a background and it is really the furnishings that should be highlighted. There is really not much difference between a white wall and a colored wall in terms of being a background to something that should take the lime light.  The proper choice of color in furnishings and the use of texture in ornaments and accessories can achieve the desired setting in your living room.

The idea here is to make your living room appear lively – by combining appropriate colors against the white wall.  Employ furniture and decorations such as paintings and pictures or curtains and blinds that will blend beautifully to your white wall.  Always keep in mind that your aim is for people to take interest on the furnishings and decorations and not on the white wall.

Inquire and explore about the different furnishing options to a white-walled living room before buying them.  Researching these days is easier, thanks to the Internet where you can find a variety of online furniture shops selling all kinds of home and office furnishings in various colors and styles.  With those abundant choices, you can surely find the suitable furniture that will go nicely with your white-walled living room.

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