Giving Small Living Rooms A Spacious And Appealing New Look

April 25, 2015 | Living Room

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Many homes have small living rooms, which can make them look as though there’s hardly room to walk between the furniture. A cluttered look is not what you desire, but what can you do with a room no larger than 200 square feet? Plenty! If you have a living or family room that feels claustrophobic, dress it up with vibrant colors and patterns.

All too often, homeowners make the mistake of trying to lighten the area up a little too much. Nothing looks more drab or boring than a sea of white; white walls, furniture and very little hanging on the walls, for fear of adding to the cluttered look makes a room too sterile. Decades ago, people were advised to “open up” small spaces by using white, linen, and other super-light colors. Now, things have changed. You want a living room that bursts with color and vibrancy. You can make the room look airy and spacious – and extremely inviting.

The trick here is to use the right colors and patterns. Here are a few tips that will help you transform a small room that lacks personality into a beautiful room bursting with personality:

Paint the room a light shade, but not white. Start by taking a swatch of fabric that you intend to use that includes the shade of paint you desire. Celery green or a vibrant peach are great colors that lend a botanical feel to the room. Paint the ceiling and walls a lighter shade of the color you choose. Any doors that go out of the room, along with baseboards and other trim, should be painted a darker complementary color.

Liven up bare, uninteresting walls with botanical prints. These can be taken from old books or anywhere else you find them. Mat them in a shade that compliments the picture, as well as the paint color you have chosen. Group several together on one wall, and you have a focal point splashed with color instead of a blank wall.

Sheer silky curtains add an airy light feel to the room. Consider placing your curtain rod close to the ceiling, allowing sheers to brush the floor. This gives an expansive look to the window, and makes the ceiling appear higher.

Use furniture that looks sturdy, but not over stuffed or bulky. Patterns should include colors that contrast and complement your walls, curtains, and other decor. Don’t be afraid to use bold, contrasting patterns. In fact, bold stripes are a perfect touch. When a room looks this lively, the small factor disappears into the inviting, vibrant atmosphere.

If you have a solid toned sofa, you can really add a unique and interesting touch by re-covering only the seat cushions in a colorful, fun pattern. Use tables that fold up if you have them. This way, when guests are gone you can store them out of the way, opening up the floor area.

Of course these aren’t the only things you can do to open up those tight spaces; they are just a few tips to help get your creative juices flowing. Use your imagination, and have fun with it!

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