Innovative Styles In Draperies & Curtains For Living Rooms

July 30, 2017 | Living Room

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Much has been said about the fabrics of curtains for living rooms and other spaces. But more importantly, when it comes to the living area, it is important to focus on various creative and innovative styles in draperies and curtains. Styles might not be traditional or conventional. Break through with your own styles. Mix and match, get ideas from nothings, use ribbons and laces, buttons and plates and make the most of every small thing that you think can be helpful in making your drapes and curtains all the more glamorous and grand. The ideas discussed below might be helpful for you to make them your personalized drapes.

Use Your Sarees & Wraps

The Indian silk sarees can also be used as light drape curtains. The best part about using different wraps like sarees and party shawls as curtains is the multicolor pattern. Usually one piece of cloth is not sufficient to cover all the windows and door curtains. So use different colors and styles. Cocktail curtains look really nice for an ethnic Indian – Asian living room decor.

Creative Hold Back Accessories

For creative hold back accessories use things available at home only. An old bedazzled brooch, a decorative quarter plate, chunk choker necklace, clasp bracelets, beaded strings, button strings and many more. Just look around to find creative hold backs and other accessories to adorn the living room curtains.

Size Variations & Fabric Combinations

Bring about size variations and fabric mixing in your living room curtains. Play with layers and sizes as you want. Use half or quarter valence curtains to block an inside view. Use a dark shade cloth, quarter length of the window height. Cut in into a beautiful pattern with hanging strings of shells or beads. Use a full length lace curtain over it for an added effect. Voile curtains can also be used for it.

These are just examples of some out of the box curtain styles. Craft for yourself, ones that are your style.

Christine T. Tomasini

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