Living Room Furniture For A Modern Penthouse

January 16, 2016 | Living Room

living room furniture

The following article discusses the various options one has in living room furniture for penthouses. Penthouses are usually spacious with large windows. This is a distinctive feature that sets it apart from other luxury homes. Since they are mostly located in the suburbs, penthouses offer gorgeous views of distant hills and rivers. Finding the ideal living room furniture for a modern penthouse could involve some amount of time and effort.

One piece of contemporary living room furniture that goes well in any kind of ambiance is a leather couch. A good quality leather sofa can be unique and guarantee style and comfort. Your penthouse living hall also could have one of these. These are available in a wide range of colors. A contemporary design feature increasingly seen in today’s penthouses is walls painted white, Grey or sky blue to merge with the natural sky surroundings during the day. So, your couch could also be in one of these aforementioned colors.

If you are looking at modern technology for your penthouse, the modular wall system will do the trick. It serves as a storage cabinet and also looks hip and chic. Some walls come with rotating shelves and cabinets which can be rotated to give it a contemporary trend. A custom built fire place with a stainless steel finish can add a dash of glamor to the living room furniture. You could also add a couple of love seats to give your living space the cozy look.

Another recent trend in living room furniture for penthouses is the themed look. If you opt for an Asian theme, the living space could display square, circle or even spiral shaped furniture throughout the living room. A low coffee table could also be an interesting pick. A minimalistic approach could do wonders by just having a couple of Asian artifacts such as a gong or an Asian country side painting. A black and white theme or a black and red combination theme could make your living room elegant and smart. A lot of people are now going in for customized furniture. Keeping the space and budget in mind, you could get your kind of furniture by ordering it specifically from a designer. Bulky pieces are no more in vogue as it makes your room look smaller.

Living room furniture for modern penthouses or other contemporary homes has undergone a tremendous shift. People are giving more importance to the fabric, color and material than before. Quality and stylish furniture is what stands out.

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