Seven Tips For Buying A Living Room Set

June 29, 2016 | Living Room

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When you buy a living room set, consider that this area is the room where the television is usually located. Because it’s nice to be able to relax when watching TV, make sure you have comfortable seating. Make sure your set is coordinated so that it is pleasing to the eye as well. Here are a few tips to help you get to a comfortable, pleasing living room set.

The Couch/Sofa – The largest piece of furniture when buying a living room set is typically the sofa or couch, so make it your primary concern. It should of course be durable and comfortable. Check for the filling used and what types of coils are used to make it comfy to sit on, and also look into reinforced bracings for durability. One consideration is buying a reclining sofa for that excellent relaxation you can have at the end of a day. Another option is the purchase of a couch that when the cushions are removed can be converted into a full or queen sized bed.

A Loveseat – It’s not necessary to have a loveseat which fits more than one person but less than a couch, but it’s nice to have one when you have several people visiting. You may match the fabric or leather or choose a complementary material.

Side Chairs – Your side chair can be a hearty “man chair” with an ottoman with it taking up a great deal of the room, or you can add two matching chairs that are comfortable but smaller. There’s always the option of a recliner or two also that go with your living room set.

Coffee Table – You can buy a coffee table that is circular, square, rectangular or oval. Your table can be made of glass and wood, metal or stone, or be made of stone or metal alone. Taller “tea tables” are also popular and more convenient to reach than the typical lower tables, and work well with the newer flat screen televisions that are hung on the wall. The key is to match with the style of the majority of furniture in your living room. A modern looking glass and stone table will not look as good with country French as a clean lined modern leather couch.

Side Tables – Tables for books, magazines, lamps and candles are not necessary but do provide an option for accessorizing and providing a place to change the look of a room.

Accessory Furniture – In addition to seating and serving, you’ll need lamps, ottomans and possibly bookshelves. You’ll want to match the woods of the tables and chairs or metal for a good flow, but a contrasting wood, painted wood or brushed metal can look good too.

Couch and Table Accessories – Pillows and throws accessorize a room great and can change the look of the living room set effortlessly. For your living room table and side tables, beautiful “coffee table books,” elegant candles, ceramic ware and vases (plus hundreds of other decorator items) add your personality to the room. Again, changing them out occasionally gives the room a fresh look and is easy to do.

When you have purchased the above for your living room set, you can have an inviting room that’s there for relaxing.

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