Tips On How To Decorate Your Living Room Cost-Effectively

July 2, 2016 | Living Room

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Decorating your living room need not be expensive. There are plenty of ways which you can do that only require a small amount of money. Read on to find tips on how to decorate your living room cost-effectively.

Minimize the items in your living room to make it more presentable. Putting in a lot of stuff can make a mess out of your room. It takes away its cleanness, orderliness as well as its elegance and creates a restricted appearance. Clearing out the clutter in the room is free and will make it more breathable.

Leave a bit of space between the wall and your furniture. Positioning the furniture against the wall makes a very constrained atmosphere. Create a more carefree and personal ambiance by moving the fitment closer to each other. This builds a more convenient area for conversation.

If you have a small living area, group your sofa or chairs to accommodate at least 5 – 6 persons. Alternatively, if you have a big area, you can establish small areas that can sit groups of 2 to 6 persons. Maximize the furniture that you have by creating comfy and relaxing areas.

Make use of area rugs to identify seating, conversation or reading areas. A lighter shade will make the area bigger while a darker shade will create a more intimate ambiance.  If your space is really big and can accommodate several conversation areas, choose rugs that complement each other. Buy your rugs from discount shops, garage sales or thrift stores. If you are good, you can find one that can cost you around $15 – 20.

You can make use of drapes or curtains as decorations. However, choose the prevailing color of your largest fitment to create harmony. If you do not have a drape with the same color, then buy a sheet and make a drape. Make a large pocket on its top so you can fit in the curtain rod. The sheets do not cost much.

Floors should always have a darker color than the walls to accentuate the design of the room and to create equilibrium.  You can have them painted instead of entirely changing them.  Alternatively, you can have a rug for tiled floors while hard wood floors can be tainted. Carpeted floors can be covered with area rugs rather than buy a new carpet.

Paintings and other artworks must be placed opposite your sofas and chairs. This will allow your guests to see it clearly and will be a good conversation piece. You do not need to buy paintings though. If anyone in the family knows how to paint, then let him do it. You can even frame a cross-stitch project of your child or you can do it yourself.

Have some plants in your living room to have a feel of nature. Although some plastic or silk plants appear real, live plants are still better. They can even disinfect the air in the room. Choose plants that are good inside the home.

Accessorize the room. These can be jars, vases, ornamental baskets and bottles with sand or rocks. Group the small ones together. Make use of whatever you have and remember to keep it at a minimum.

Figure out how you can make use of your old furniture pieces. An old table can be used as a coffee table (just shorten its legs). Old chairs can be repainted to have a new look.

The above tips will surely cheer up your living room. You can choose a few and you will see how it has refurbished the look of your room without so much cost.

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