How To Add A Little Light To Your Garden At Night Without Increasing Your Electricity Bill

October 23, 2015 | Patio & Garden

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Adding beauty to your garden at night can be accomplished with well placed spot lights or garden lights around your garden, and what better way than green energy powered by the sun with solar powered garden lights. This will help you appreciate all the hard work, time and money that you have invested in your garden while looking at the stars or having a few drinks with your family and friends in your back yard or patio.

You can also personalize the yard with different solar spot light designs like: rocks, dogs, turtles, owls, gnomes and other spot lights giving your garden an original decorating touch.

By decorating your garden with beautiful solar lighting pieces you will also be helping this green technology grow and contribute to the global effort of reducing carbon dioxide (CO2)/pollutants. Solar energy drives most life on our planet. Scientists have done an amazing job of manufacturing silicon wafers that can capture light energy and turn it into clean, non-polluting, electrical energy. As fossil fuels become scarcer and prices increase, solar energy will become an economically viable option.

Solar lights have built-in photo sensors so they automatically turn off during the day and turn on at night. The most popular solar lamp (bulb) is LED (light emitting diode). This type of lamp is so efficient that they are now found in everything from automotive brake lights to city traffic signals. LED’s come in a variety of colors, the most intense being super white. LED lamps have different properties and characteristics than conventional light bulbs and the measurement terminology is foreign to most people. For example, LED lamp intensity is measured in Milli-candles (mcd) as opposed to watts and lumen s, Milli-amps (ma) rather than amps and beam spreads are measured in viewing angles (20-60 degree avg.) instead of flood or spot.

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