How To Design Your Patio From Scratch? A Step By Step Tutorial

April 3, 2015 | Patio & Garden

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There are many persons who love the idea of having a patio in their house. However, they always find it difficult to set up the patio from scratch. If somebody does it for them, they are in a position to appreciate the pros and cons. However, they find it next to impossible to start from zero and setup the patio from the very beginning.

Let Imagination Run Free

In such a scenario it is very important to understand the steps involved in designing the patio from scratch. The first step that you have to take is visualize what you want. Since you are at the imagination stage, nothing need to stop you from thinking as big as you want.

If you find that your imagination is not practically or financially possible, you can always scale down things later. However, there is nothing wrong in visualizing a very beautiful and classy looking patio when you start thinking about it first.


The next step is to focus on the details. Many persons think of the patio and immediately start the implementation process. That is not right. Just as you are making a painting, you should first have a broad picture in your mind.

Next, you should get the details clarified in your mind. When you look at the patio in your mind, you should not just have a clear idea of what you shall see from afar but also from up close.

On The Paper

The next stage is to translate what is there in your mind on to paper or onto the computer. You may not know anything about architectural drawing. That is irrelevant. If the basic idea is to have something on the piece of paper that reflects your thought. This is the stage where you should focus on the practicalities.

If you want marble flooring, you should write the same on the drawing and find information about pros and cons of having marble as the flooring in your patio. If you discover that marble becomes very slippery when it rains, you obviously will have to opt for a waterproof option if it rains very often in and around your house.

From the pillars to the roof to the flooring – each and every point must be clarified in detail. Once you have this in your hand, it is just a question of contacting the right expert to appoint for the implementation of all your plans. Never again will you say that you do not know how to design the patio from scratch.

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