Modern Patio Cover Plans An Old Man Appreciates

July 22, 2016 | Patio & Garden

patio canopy

If I were to tell you that an old man could have the secret to your modern covered patio plans, would you believe me? Would you trust that something so new could be constructed or influenced by someone from another generation? Well, if you have any understanding of the building trades, then you know there is something very valuable in this wisdom. Often, those ‘old timers’ have the wisdom to build certain objects and projects with eyes that a new guy at the site wouldn’t see. No, I’m not one of these old guys, but my grandfather was.

While I never went into the business myself, I do certainly appreciate all that my grandpa did and the work he so handsomely crafted. There is one main lesson that I learned from this gentle man and that was to always measure twice and cut once. This same lesson was imbued in me by my father as well. Now, my wood and metal hobby craft skills are due in large part to those simple lessons I learned at the heels of these men. There is just something ever so comforting in getting just the right fit. Because materials should be conserved and treated with respect, making precise measurements and cuts honors this process.

Whether you are constructing patio covers or a new addition to a home, this simple truth will save you countless hours and money. Haste does cause mistakes, as does fatigue. If you plan on building your own covered patio, give yourself ample time to complete the job right. And, if you have some really exotic patio cover plans, give them over to a pro. Not only will the job be done right, but it will be done quickly. This way, you can spend more of your time enjoying the company of your friends and family and taking in all of the life lessons that you might learn.

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