Upgrade Your Outdoor Space With A Patio Fireplace

August 5, 2017 | Patio & Garden

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Having a patio fireplace can be incredibly cozy, especially during chilly nights during the edge seasons before and after the traditional summer months. It can provide warmth, but it also provides a soft light that helps illuminate your yard without the harsh brightness of an incandescent light. This can create a great setting for a relaxing evening, or for a gathering of friends and family.

The Evolution of Patio Fireplaces

Fireplaces have been popular for many years. While they originally served the necessary functions of keeping people warm and providing light, they have evolved over the years to be much more than that. Many people love the feeling of sitting by a fire and gazing into the flames.

Campfires are probably one of the main things people love about camping. After all camping without a fire wouldn’t feel right. For those who love the fire but not sleeping outside on the ground a patio fireplace is perfect. It allows us to have a safe and controlled outdoor fire in our backyard with all the conveniences of our home easily accessible. Of course anytime you are dealing with fire in a residential area fire safety rules and common sense need to be followed.

Their Many Uses

The main reasons we are attracted to outdoor fireplaces is because of the warmth they provide and because of the light they provide, but they can be beneficial in a few other ways as well.

Some outdoor fireplaces and fire pits come with a cooking grate that allows you to cook over them. Cooking over an open fire can give food a distinct smokey flavor, especially when specific woods are used like hickory. Grilled corn on the cob is one of those great summer treats.

With a wood burning fireplace the smoke that is created can also help keep the bugs away from that area. This can make sitting on the patio much more pleasant during certain summer months.

But if you don’t like the smoke consider a chiminea which has an attractive design that funnels the smoke upwards. Another option is a gas fireplace which will burn much cleaner.

Because they are becoming more popular you can find a wide variety of patio fireplaces on the market from the relatively simple and inexpensive models that can easily be moved to intricate fixed brick and stone fireplaces. There are styles for every type of patio and every budget.

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