Wooden Floor For The Modern Home

Modern home is the best choice for home design today. A special characteristic of modern home design is seen of use simple elements. In addition the using of furniture, one that could enhance the impression of modern on a home is floor part. There are many materials that can be used to create floors such as ceramic floors, marble or other rock types. Several types of materials from natural rock may have been very common. You can switch to using wood. Modern floor from wood is very suitable to be applied to indoor or outdoor.

Modern floor from wood has many advantages compared with other flooring materials. First is seen in terms of appearance. In a minimalist room is usually not a lot of accessories or decorations that look very monotonous, by using a modern floor from wood, the texture of wood can make the room more attractive impression. Brown color on the wood also make the atmosphere in the room was warm, natural and comfortable.

The second is the comfort factor. Modern floor from wood will give the impression of warm when the cold room temperature. Conversely, when the room temperature is very hot, the floor of the wood can make the room colder. Thus, in various conditions, the floor of the wood is very conducive.

The third is the quality factor. Modern floor from wood also has good quality as natural rock materials. If you choose the right type of wood, then the floor will hold out for a long time and is not easily damaged. Most importantly avoid the floor of the water to remain durable.

The four is there are two options of modern floor from wood. The first type is wood shaped beam length. How to set it up enough with neatly arranged in parallel and then glued together with nails. This type is more expensive because the size of wood is thicker. Type of wood that usually used is ironwood or teak. The second type is only a thin layer of wood called vinyl, how to install it is using glue. This type is cheaper but cannot last long.

Of the several explanations above we know that modern floor from wood are well suited for the type of the modern home. You can apply it on the living room, family room or bedroom. With the selection of the right type of wood floor and use the proper installation techniques, the results will be very maximum. The room will look more natural, cool and cold.